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IVFWTF was my best friend!


The IVF WTF program was my best friend throughout my first ever IVF cycle. The whole program was so informative and comprehensive, it gave me the knowledge and empowerment that I needed throughout each phase of the process.

Information I didn't know we needed!


I am so glad we didn't go into an IVF cycle prior to joining IVF WTF - we had access to information I didn't know we needed! I feel more confident going into IVF and I feel better prepared (more prepared than I knew we needed to be) and I feel reassured my body will manage and cope to the best of its ability.


Embryologist and Fertility Educator Lucy Lines

With almost 20 years experience behind the scenes in IVF clinics and a further 6 years experience providing 1:1 support to women and couples in pre-conception, Lucy is well placed to support and guide you through your fertility treatment. Whether you're looking for information about the ins and outs of an IVF cycle, or ways to prepare for fertility treatment (and maybe even avoid it!), Lucy can help!