Preparation for conception is about Preparing the body and preparing the mind

As an Independent Embryologist and IVF Patient Advocate I spend my days talking to women and couples who are amazed at how little they knew about spontaneous conception before they met me.  

"Why didn't I know about this before?!"

They wonder what kind of a difference it might have made to their experience if they had these tools BEFORE they started.  If they knew about the impact of toxins on their hormones, and how important their hormones actually ARE to the entire process...

I also spend lots of time talking to women who froze eggs, only to discover when they came back to use them that they were not great quality and it was all a waste of time

And, well, quite frankly they're angry.

Angry that they spent so much money on IVF, angry that they invested so much money freezing eggs, and no where along the way did anyone tell them about the importance of pre-conception health. 

Now, I'm not going to make some crazy claim like - do this and you won't need IVF... that would be silly... 

or do this and you don't need to freeze your eggs... heavens no

but no matter how long you've been trying - or even if you're just about to start - this information will help!

Preparing the body and mind to be fit and healthy, ready for pregnancy and motherhood, making sure that any eggs that might be fertilised or collected to be frozen are as healthy as they can be and the sperm that fertilise them are healthy too!   

Ensuring that all that genetic information from both the sperm and the egg are packaged up neatly, ready to be unpacked, decoded, and turned into a healthy embryo and a healthy baby....

and even more importantly - a healthy CHILD!   

So in this course I’m going to talk about WHY this is so important and ways that you can easily and inexpensively do both.  

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About this course

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Prepare the raw materials!

Those growing eggs and sperm are the building blocks for your baby!   Literally an entire new human being comes from two single cells: an EGG and a SPERM... so we want to make sure that the egg and the sperm that will one day be your baby (hopefully!) are the healthiest and best they can be.

Why this course is essential

Finding reliable information about preconception can be overwhelming, there's just so much misinformation out there!

  • Ditch the overwhelm of conflicting information and gain a clear understanding of how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy (even if you're freezing eggs).

  • Feel confident in your knowledge about your body and the importance of preconception health.

  • Learn how to nurture and protect your growing eggs and sperm for a successful conception, healthy pregnancy and healthy children!

I want to be prepared

(I know there is more to it than just stopping contraception!)

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