From Overwhelm to Clarity

IVF explainers, resources and SUPPORT to put you in the best position possible

Picture this.... you've just walked out of your Doctors appointment... the doctor has said that IVF is next... you're armed with a pile of shiny brochures filled with pregnant bellies and smiling babies, and a heap of test requests....

and of course the all important information about how to pay for it all.....

But still no REAL knowledge of what's ACTUALLY going to happen and how on EARTH you're going to cope with this seemingly insurmountable obstacle of IVF treatment... and, to be honest, wondering if maybe someone got something wildly wrong.

It's fine, you'll be fine, women do IVF every day.... 1 child in every classroom is the result of IVF - no reason why you can't do it too....

Except that you feel sick, you feel overwhelmed, under-informed and completely alone.... The google searches you've done so far vary from hugely scientific gobbledegook through to snake oil salesman telling you their $12,000 program can make it all OK.

You're not used to feeling stupid, but now, for probably the first time in a really long time, you're feeling wildly out of control and you don't know where to turn.

This is quite honestly how most of my 1:1 clients feel when they first come to me - you are most definitely NOT alone!

Instead - I want you to feel confident, calm and well informed as you go through treatment.  I want you to KNOW what's going to happen next, to be armed with knowledge, and a database to return to - there at the ready when you need it.

The IVFWTF membership contains:

✨ The Intro to IVF eCourse (normally $197) filled with video explainers for every stage of the IVF process

✨ The IVF Resource hub (normally $197) with resources and workshops for everything from EFT tapping, to Yoga to Implantation and Two Week Wait Support

✨ The IVF Support Community with 2 LIVE sessions each month including Masterclasses, Q and As and invited guests

This membership is for you if you:

  • Are about to start IVF OR an IVF veteran - and everything in between

  • Don't like feeling uninformed and out of control

  • Want to feel confident, informed and empowered as you go through IVF treatment

Bonus material

  • IVF Timeline

    Stick this one on your fridge so you can easily see exactly what's happening on each day as your embryos grow

  • Success Rates Explainer

    A reminder that a clinics published success rates is not the be-all and end-all of who is 'best'

  • Implantation Explainer

    how long does implantation take and what can you do to increase your chances of that embryo sticking around

What are people saying?

Super Grateful for Lucy's knowledge


I am super grateful for Lucy and all of her knowledge that she is sharing with the infertility/ IVF community. Having gone through 2 rounds… and still no baby, it’s great to have somewhere to turn to through platforms such as Instagram and now this membership for answers and a sense of community.

Warm and friendly


Lucy is very warm and friendly and makes you feel less alone on this difficult journey! Her experience and knowledge as an embryologist has made me feel like I can go into the next chapter of starting treatment armed with the right information and know I’m doing all I can.

Independent Embryologist was the key for me


I loved the Intro to IVF course that provided me with some much needed information as we embark on our IVF journey. Lucy was able to explain every step of the IVF process in a way that is very understandable. I love that The Membership gives me access to The IVF Support Community where Lucy holds fortnightly Live events, what a great accessible way to have access to Lucy's wealth of knowledge!! I can't wait to attend the Live information sessions and Live Q & A's each month.

Reassurance and Information


Lucy gave me so much reassurance and information that we have not received from our specialist. She was incredible

Seen and heard!


Lucy made me feel seen and heard. She gave very clear, expert advice that was a lot but so beneficial. We feel so hopeful and positive about the future and what it will hopefully hold for us. I love that Lucy leans into both sides of Medicine and support (western plus adjunct therapies). No question is a silly question, THANK YOU!