What You Will Learn

Clarity in Preconception

Stop feeling overwhelmed with conflicting information and gain a clear understanding of how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy (even if you're freezing eggs).

Confidence in the Information

Say goodbye to misinformation and gain confidence in your knowledge about your body and the importance of preconception health.

Nurture and Protect Your Fertility

Learn how to nurture and protect your growing eggs and sperm for a successful conception, healthy pregnancy and healthy children!

Why This Course is Essential for Women and Couples Planning a Pregnancy

Finding reliable information about preconception can be overwhelming, there's just so much misinformation out there! Asking your GP is a great first step - but more often than not, they will do a pre-conception blood screen and send you away for a few months to 'just keep trying'... Definitely an important thing to do - but without the right information, this can lead you down a very murky pathway of late night google searches as you try to fill in the gaps left by high-school health education. A referral to a fertility specialist will often skip over much needed basic information and again have you reaching for Dr Google and seeking alternatives to the very invasive option of IVF In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of preconception, how your body works, and how to best prepare for pregnancy, giving you the confidence and knowledge to take control of your fertility journey.

Course Curriculum

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    Week ONE

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      Preparation for Conception eBook

    2. What's covered in week ONE Free preview
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      The all important 90 days (presentation)

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      RECORDING - Week One

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    Week TWO

    1. What's covered in Week TWO? Free preview
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      Preparation for Conception week TWO

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    Week THREE

    1. What's covered in week THREE Free preview
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      Preparation for Conception Week THREE (recording)

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      Week THREE presentation

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    Week FOUR

    1. What's covered in Week FOUR Free preview
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      Week Four Recording

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      Week Four Presentation

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    Next Steps...

    1. More resources for you! Free preview
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