What's in the course?

  1. 1
    • Terms and Conditions

    • How does the course work?

    • Mindful IVF workbook - Lucy

    • LIVE welcome session

    • MindFul-IVF-Welcome-April-2022

  2. 2
    • Please complete this questionnaire and join the community

  3. 3
    • Waiting for day 1 of your period

    • IVF timeline

    • Setting up your mind and body for success with Tanja

    • Tanja's Workbook Introduction

    • Managing Stress

    • Mindful Movement Hypnosis Audio

    • Anti Anxiety Toolkit Introduction

  4. 4
    • Cycle Tracking - how do they know when to do the egg collection?

    • Decision Tree - download

  5. 5
    • What is hypnosis?

    • Induction Audio

    • Anti Anxiety Tool #1

  6. 6
    • Day Zero - Egg Collection

    • Double Lumen Egg Collection needles

    • Single Lumen Egg Collection Needles

    • Day Zero - Semen collection and sperm preparation

    • Day Zero - Testicular Biopsy

  7. 7
    • Standard IVF or ICSI? How do you choose?

    • Day Zero - Standard IVF

    • Day Zero - ICSI Explained

    • Day Zero - ICSI injection

    • ICSI Pipettes

  8. 8
    • Control and the Mind Video

    • Control/ Balance/ Expectations Workbook

    • Return to Homeostasis Audio

    • Balance & Expectations Video

    • Control & Balance Hypnosis

    • Anti Anxiety Tool #2

  9. 9
    • Live session with Tanja

    • Recording of the Live session with Tanja

  10. 10
    • Fertilisation Check

  11. 11
    • Rules of the mind Video

    • Rules of the mind workbook

    • Hypnotherapy session

    • Anti Anxiety Tool #3

  12. 12
    • Embryo Development

    • Embryo Development - some examples

  13. 13
    • Q and A with Lucy

    • Q and A with Lucy

    • Q and A with Lucy

    • Amanda Hodgson - Habit Hack coach

  14. 14
    • Embryo Transfer

    • Embryo Storage

    • Frozen Embryo Transfer

    • Embryo Transfer equipment

  15. 15
    • The Power of Words

    • Power of Words workbook

    • Body/ Womb Scan Hypnosis Audio

    • Fertility Boost Hypnotic Audio

    • Body Love Hypnosis Audio

    • Anti Anxiety Tool #4

  16. 16
    • Treatment Add ons

  17. 17
    • Genetic Testing

    • Dealing With Disappointment

    • Moving ahead Meditation

    • Waiting & Time Distortion Voice Note

  18. 18
    • Mind Tools Video

    • Mind Tools workbook

    • Guided Self Hypnosis Audio

    • A Mindful Slideshow

    • Anti Anxiety Kit Tool #5

  19. 19
    • IVF Audio Bundle Introduction

    • IVF Pre Appointment Grounding Audio

    • IVF Pre Egg collection Audio

    • IVF Pre Embryo Transfer Audio

  20. 20
    • Preparing for Conception e-book

  21. 21
    • Explaining success rates

  22. 22
    • 2WW Workbook

    • 2WW Affirmations Audio

    • Implantation Hypnosis Audio

  23. 23
    • Healing Hypnosis Audio

    • A Reflection Guide from Tanja

    • Miscarriage Support Guide

  24. 24
    • Donation and Surrogacy Resource Guide

  25. 25
    • Good Luck!

    • Resource Acknowledgments (Tanja)

Course Features

We think this stuff is really important

  • Videos

    The course is filled with videos of both Lucy and Tanja talking directly to you! as well as presentations, images and time-lapse images of actual embryos

  • Live sessions

    Join the LIVE sessions (virtually) and ask your questions in real time. There is 1 full session with each of us within the program as well as the option to purchase 1:1 sessions at a discounted rate

  • Downloadable content

    Throughout the course there are various PDFs and Audio bundles that are downloadable for you to have with you when and where you need them


  • Is there a conflict of interest?

    No! Unlike lots of other IVF information you will find, this course has not been sponsored or funded by any IVF clinics or pharmaceutical companies.

  • Shouldn't my IVF clinic / Fertility Specialist be preparing me?

    Your clinic will give you information about your treatment plan, but unfortunately many patients feel unsupported and un-informed though-out their treatment. This is why we have created this program. This program will prepare you for IVF, help you understand your treatment, manage your expectations and give you actionable tools to support yourself and advocate for yourself throughout your treatment

  • How long will it take me to do the course?

    There are 6 hours of video content in this program and 3 LIVE sessions spread over a month. As soon as you sign up to the program you will get access to everything so you can skip ahead to the bits you need right now, and come back to the other bits later. You will have lifetime access to the content so you can come back any time, and you will also have lifetime access to the MindFul IVF community.

  • How is this course different to anything else?

    This course provides behind the scenes information about what goes on in an IVF cycle including images of embryo development, and equipment used as well as explanations of treatments and procedures. In addition to the science aspects of this program, you will also be guided through Fertility Hypnotherapy, with audios that you can download and use throughout your cycle to support your mental health and understand aspects of the mind-body connections that are so important for your wellbeing during treatment.

  • Is this program suitable for other countries? or only Australia?

    This information in this program is 100% suitable to ANY IVF cycle, anywhere in the world. There will be differences in your individual treatment plans, but there are foundations to any IVF cycle that are the same no matter where in the world you are. The mind-body connections apply to all human beings, no matter your culture or country of residence.

Downloadable content

  • Workbook for the Science-y bits

  • World Health Organisation Semen Analysis parameters

  • Hypnotherapy Workbooks filled with mindful resources

  • IVF timeline you can download and stick on your fridge

  • Decision Tree to help with all of the on-the-fly decisions along the way

Who's offering the program?

Embryologist and Fertility Educator

Lucy Lines

Fertility Hypnotherapist

Tanja Mulcahy